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Royal Electric Pakistan has been serving its clients for more than three long decades and has for sure maintained a royal status in the market and the industry of clients.

Mr.Abdul Moiz Bilwani Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Bilwani Internationals has been serving this brand for more than three long decades. Mr. Moiz Bilwani has done his ACCA and in the midst of his Bachelorette (Bachelors from UK AND ACCA), his business started to grow initially which got successful bit by bit and maintained its level and place in the market and product industry.

His idea was to establish electric products at low cost in the companies and organizations where they were not available. Hence Mr. Abdul Ahad Bilwani laid the foundation of Royal electric Pakistan over 30 years ago, which is now modified to an online store as well.

Mr. Abdul Ahad Bilwani successfully shows his entrepreneurship in successfully establishing Bilwani Internationals and paying a role to frame Royal Electric Pakistan with the mission of providing online service to the clients.


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