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A digital clamp meter is a type of electrical test tool that is used to measure various electrical quantities, such as current, voltage, resistance, and continuity. Digital clamp meters are typically handheld devices that have a clamping mechanism that allows them to be attached to a conductor in order to measure the current flowing through it.

There are many digital clamp meters available on the market, including those made in China. These devices may vary in terms of features and capabilities, such as the types of measurements they can take, the accuracy of their readings, and the size and durability of the device.

Dimensions: 230x68x37mm
Measuring Voltage Range: 600V
Measuring Current Range: 200-1000A
Measuring Inductance Range: None
Measuring Resistance Range: 200-20K-200k-2000k
Display Type: Digital Only
DIY Supplies: Electrical
Operating Temperature: None
Weight: 203g

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